Our Team and Support Services

Our customers choose St. Claire and continue to work with us because our people are accountable and reliable, and our services are cost-effective. Our team cares about the end result, and we care about our customers.

At St. Claire, everything we do is a team effort.

Services provided:

  • Job design and budgeting
  • In-office scheduling and coordination
  • On-site field measuring
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Daily job-site supervision
  • Factory-trained installations
  • Local factory and service team support

Our team follows a process to maintain quality control and customer satisfaction throughout the entire process:

I did not note one defect in either the product or the installation in my inspection of all 22 buildings. I find that the odds of not finding one item to write up are incredible. I have been in this industry almost 30 years and have conducted hundreds of Punch Walks, but none like this.
— Sr. Project Manager, General Contractor

St. Claire supervisors are easily accessible and understand what we need collectively.
— Vice President, General Contractor